cost function in machine learning
The goal of Cost Function in Machine Learning is to start on a random point and find the global minimum point where the slope of the curve is almost zero. The gradient at a point is the vector of partial derivates (∂J/∂m)(∂J/∂c), where the direction represents the greatest rate of increase of the function. Therefore,… (0 comment)

you have to linear regression machine learning method
Linear regression machine learning establishes a relationship between two variable, is the way to find the changes dependent variable with respect to the explanatory variable. The dependent variable is a variable whose value we want to forecast. linear regression predicts well if data is linearly separated. It will use to predict the unobserved value. Linear… (0 comment)

linear regression vs logistic regression
linear regression vs logistic regression is a two important backbone of data science and machine learning regression models most of the model and algorithm are using these regression fundamentals in the background. What is the regression? Regression analysis is a form of predictive modeling technique which investigates the relationship between a dependent variable Y and… (1 comment)

AI top 10 application for drawing
As we all know nowadays artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and deep learning daily introducing new mind-blowing application in the different sectors. In this article, we cover the top 10 Artificial Intelligence application for drawing,  Drawing is something by which human can show their creativity and imagination. Nowadays by using AI technology so many applications come in the…

Unsupervised Machine learning
Unsupervised Machine learning is a learning in which machine/model learn a set of data without any supervision or any pre-training where data is not labeled and classified. In this type of learning model act on the data without any guidance. Here mode understand the unsorted information and group them according to the matching pattern, similarities,… (2 comments)

Supervised related  Machine learning keep in details
What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a core area under artificial intelligence  Machine learning (ML)  allow the computer to learn the data and predict without being programmed by human intervention, hare Machine is referred to model and learning refer to input dataset. Although Machine learning technology is not new, it is now growing fresh…